Today I will show you how we can manipulate the XML document and then save the changes to a file. This will be done by using the XDocument class which is part of the System.Xml.Linq namespace. If you want to know how to read XML in C# check out the previous post.

Like I mentioned in the last Project Muninn post I tried to lower the delay of the video stream from the Action Camera. The first thing required was to prepare the application for the test.

There is no native way to connect to the RTSP server in UWP. Fortunately, there is an UWP video component that allows connecting to the RTSP stream: VLC.MediaElement.

Recently I was watching 'Steve Jobs - The Lost Interview'. It's very interesting interview with Steve Jobs from 1995 when he was CEO at NeXT. If you haven't seen it you should watch it. But what's most interesting to me was his perspective on why big companies, successful companies fail.

After connecting to the Action Camera network we know that the camera has IP, but what ports are open? In this post, I will show how to get this information.

Today I will show you how we can load and read XML in C#. We will do this by using the XDocument class that is in System.Xml.Linq namespace.

This week we are going to use knowledge from previous posts to create Wi-Fi service that will handle connecting to a network selected by the user.
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